Helen’s Coasters: Dollar Days Fall Hop Day 27!

Losing a loved one is never easy, but finding ways to keep their memory alive can be a comforting and healing experience. For me, that connection to my beloved mother, Helen, has been through her passion for crochet and the beautiful coaster pattern she left behind. This pattern, fittingly named Helen’s Coasters in her honor, is a true embodiment of her love for crafting and a legacy that continues to inspire our family.

A Crafting Legacy

My mom, Helen, was a crafting superstar who introduced me to the wonders of knitting, cross-stitch, and baking. She ignited my lifelong love for crafting that I happily passed on to my own kids. Among her many talents, crochet was her jam. She could crochet anything, and she did it with style.

Passing Down the Crafty Torch

As the years passed, it was my eldest daughter who picked up the crochet hook. She uncovered a special pattern that my mom used for her beloved coasters. She reverse-engineered it and handed it over to me. The pattern, now known as Helen’s Coasters, became a bridge that connected the generations and a way to keep my mom’s crafting magic alive.

A Treasure for All

Helen’s Coasters are more than just yarn circles. They’re a link to the past, a reminder of my mom’s crafty passion, and a way to make sure her legacy lives on. These coasters have become cherished items in our home, always there on our tables, reminding us of her love and the beautiful things she made.

Craftopia Lives On

Even though my mom is no longer with us, her spirit lives on in Craftopia Collective. Her love for crochet is now part of our family heritage, with each generation adding their own creative touch to her foundation. Helen’s Coasters are a symbol of our shared crafting love, a testament to the crafty connections that unite us.

Dollar Days Fall Hop

In honor of my mom’s memory and her never-ending love for crochet, we’re offering the Helen’s Coasters pattern for just $1 as part of the Dollar Days Fall Hop, hosted by Simply Melanie Jane. This is your chance to join our crafty journey, celebrate my mom’s legacy, and create something beautiful.

Join the Crafty Journey

We invite you to dive into Helen’s Coasters and be part of this special tribute to my mom. By doing so, you become part of the ongoing crafty adventure that started with Helen and lives on through her memory. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this coaster pattern and how it brings a touch of Craftopia into your life.

Craft on and remember, the love and passion we put into our creations endure long after we’re gone, just like my mom’s crafty spirit lives on through Helen’s Coasters.

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