May Flowers Blog Hop Day 7: Willow Dog Coat

This little dog coat is made of easy to stitch floral granny squares, a simple tummy panel and a scalloped edge. Great for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike, these granny squares are really fun and addictive to make. The pattern is quick to memorize and you’ll have a stack of them in no time. I love to make things for our dog Nacho, so naturally I made him a coat from them, but you can make whatever your little heart desires out of these squares. They’d make a great blanket, or shawl or cardigan for yourself! The custom colours are really fun too, switch up the base colour and leave the petals all the same, or switch up the petals and leave the base colour the same as we did with this one. There are no rules here!

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The Willow Dog Coat is a fun and simple make for your pet! Once you master the floral square, make as many as you need to create the right shape and attach! It’s for layering over a lighter sweater on chilly days or wearing alone.

The Willow Dog Coat is made entirely of granny squares with one simple panel across the tummy for stability. The basic shape is the same for all sizes, requiring more or less squares depending on size.

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