Pet Appreciation Blog Hop Day 2: The Willow Dog Coat

If you’re new to crochet, you’ve probably been told that granny squares are a good place to start…and that’s true, but they can get a little boring. Enter these floral granny squares. They’re worked up a little differently than a traditional granny square, but they’re repetitive enough to easily memorize the pattern after you finish a few and then you can whip up as many as you need for your dog’s coat! Make them all exactly the same, or mix up the colours like we did and make a multicoloured granny square dog coat for your best friend!

I always say that our dog Nacho is my favourite person to crochet for! Making little coats, sweaters and bandannas is so much fun – especially when it’s such a customizable pattern. Making this coat is very simple in that all you need to do is make a pile of squares and seam them together, add a belly band and sew on a few buttons. The possibilities for colour combinations and size is entirely up to you. These squares can be made into a blanket for you or any pet at all!

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