18 Cottagecore Crochet Patterns That You Will Love

Get ready to embark on a charming crochet journey filled with whimsy and delight! Today’s enchanting blog post, has a curated collection of cottagecore crochet amigurumi patterns. In these patterns, buzzing bees and perfect plants will come to life as plush companions for you to hold. Additionally, these plushies are sure to add a touch of magic and whimsy to your cottagecore crochet dreams.

Plushie collectors and cottagecore lovers can rejoice! These amigurumi patterns are here to bring joy to your crochet creations. So, gather your supplies and get ready to immerse yourself in the realm of cottagecore crochet. Moreover, this is where your imagination can run wild as you create whatever suits your tastes best! Now, let’s dive in and discover these adorable creations together.

Buzzy Bee Bonanza

Bees are an integral part of the cottagecore aesthetic; therefore, it’s only fitting that we include them. Not only do they buzz from flower to flower, but they also make the flower fields in our cottagecore dreams possible! So, we’re dedicating the first section of our roundup exclusively to these beautiful bee patterns!

First and foremost, let’s explore this adorable beehive pattern! To begin with, this intricate crochet design features a charming set of bees in their hive. It effortlessly captures the essence of the cottagecore aesthetic with its soft colors, small bees, and delicate flowers. Due to these details, it’s a perfect choice for those who wish to infuse their decor with a touch of nature. Additionally, we simply adore these tiny bees and believe they would complement a cottagecore room well.

Moving on to the second pattern, we have an exciting opportunity for you to craft your very own bee plushie. Notably, this free pattern reflects the adorable bees that took social media by storm. With this pattern, you can effortlessly join the trend and bring to life an Instagram-worthy buddy. What’s even better is that it’s available in multiple sizes. This allows you to personalize this bee-buddy to the size and shape that suits you best.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s explore the delightful mini bee pattern! This bee exudes cuteness with its tiny antennas and delicate felt wings. Additionally, the attention to detail lavished upon this gorgeous pattern enhances its overall charm, making it an irresistible addition to your collection.

Mushroom Magic

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of mushrooms with these mushroom-themed patterns. Notably, mushrooms are a prevalent motif in the cottagecore aesthetic. Fly Agaric mushrooms, characterized by their red tops adorned with white dots, are the most common variety. However, there are numerous others as well!

Let’s begin with the first pattern, featuring an adorable mushroom sprite. This enchanting design has a charming mushroom sprite with a dress. While the original pattern suggests a simple white dress, you have the freedom to easily customize it according to your preferences. Consequently, it opens up a realm of endless creative possibilities, inviting you to let your imagination run wild as you crochet this pattern.

Moving on, we have the mushroom boy crochet pattern. These little fellows emanate a sense of softness and cuddliness. They’re crocheted using fluffy bulky yarn to give it that soft and cozy look. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to crochet these cozy companions in a variety of delightful colors! The simplicity of this pattern grants it an adorable chibi look, suited for adorning a soft cottagecore bedspread.

Last but certainly not least, we present a realistic crochet mushroom pattern. Undoubtedly, this is a must-have for any cottagecore bedroom. The stunning yet straightforward design masterfully captures the essence of nature. It’s sure to give an earthy charm to any space it lives in. Thus, embrace the captivating allure of mushroom motifs as you bring this remarkable creation to life!

Sweet Strawberry Creations

Now, let’s dive into the strawberry sweetness of our next set of patterns! Without a doubt, strawberries are an excellent fit for the cottagecore aesthetic. Strawberries add a vibrant burst of flavor into our lives. Allow these delightful strawberry-themed patterns to infuse your crochet journey with a touch of nature.

First and foremost, we have a tiny bunny clutching a precious strawberry. This charming pattern serves as an ideal way to introduce a splash of color to any bed. Additionally, small plushies like this also find their perfect spot on shelves or desks. They can function as delightful decorations! Moreover, given the simplicity of the bunny’s pattern, you can personalize it by switching up the colors.

Moving on to our second pattern, we present this stunning strawberry penguin! The moment we laid eyes on this creative twist on a classic penguin plushie, we fell in love. The delightful green stem atop this penguin’s head adds an extra level of cuteness. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect cottagecore pattern that would beautifully complement a bed with a strawberry-sweet theme.

Finally, we have a crocheted strawberry plushie, crafted with soft super bulky yarn. This is the perfect addition to any cottagecore bedroom or living room. It would fit right in alongside a floral duvet or on a cozy couch! Infuse your space with a touch of natural allure using this gorgeous crochet pattern.

Enchanting Greenery

Let’s inject a refreshing splash of greenery into your space with this delightful selection of patterns! In order to provide you with a range of options, we have a charming plant pattern and two adorable frog patterns for you to choose from. Regardless of how you decide to add that pop of color, these green patterns are an absolute match for your cottagecore aesthetic.

First we have the lovable Savanna the Saguaro Cactus crochet pattern. Savanna wears a dainty flower crown- maybe she loves the cottagecore aesthetic, too! You can unleash your creativity by customizing the pot in any colors you would like. Plants are an essential part of cottagecore, but not everyone can own them! Crocheted plants are the perfect alternative. They’re a handmade decoration, and they still add that pop of nature to your home.

Next, we have an irresistible no-sew mini-frog pattern. This is perfect for those looking for a soft and squishy frog companion. They embody the whimsical charm of cottagecore and the softness that comes along with it. This rounded design is perfect for those who love a cute, chibi look for their plushies.

If you prefer a less-rounded frog design, the leggy frog pattern is an excellent choice. This is another no-sew pattern, making it easy to complete with little fuss! The slender physique of the leggy frog offers an alternative, endearing twist on the frog plushie.

Fantastic Foxes

Now, let’s explore a captivating trio of fox-themed patterns that will surely enhance your crochet adventure. Although foxes may not be as commonly associated with the aesthetic, they seamlessly blend into the cottagecore essence, making them an excellent addition to this roundup.

First is the pocket fox, offering a multitude of customization options. Choose your preferred colors, as the design looks stunning in countless combinations. Plus, the wide range of facial expressions allows you to convey a sense of happiness, excitement, or even a hint of anger! Whatever your choice may be, you’ll undoubtedly adore this delightful fun-size plushie.

Next in line is the cube fox pattern, presenting a unique twist on these lovable creatures. These charming foxes are fashioned in an adorable cubical form. This design evokes a nostalgic pixelated style reminiscent of the foxes we’ve encountered in our beloved games. With its charming design, the cube fox makes for an ideal gift for the game lover in your life!

And finally, we introduce the peaceful sleepy fox pattern. This enchanting plushie brings tranquility to your cottagecore room. It’ll also serve as the perfect companion to snuggle up with at night. Its sleepy demeanor adds some extra coziness to your room. So, don’t hesitate to embrace the irresistible allure of these woodland creatures and welcome this tired fox into your cherished collection!

Duckling Delights

Ducks are a common motif in cottagecore, and for good reason! These charming birds add a touch of softness to the cottagecore aesthetic. We’ve collected a few duck-themed crochet patterns for you to add to your collection. They’re perfect for snuggling up with, adding a touch of whimsy to your room, or gifting to someone you love.

First, we have the fluffy duckling pattern. This is a versatile pattern which allows you to create them in various color combos. If you’re looking to recreate a more realistic duckling, this is the pattern for you. You’ll even learn a clever trick in this pattern to achieve the fluffy appearance! There will be no fuss with furry yarn– which is always such a pain when you need to pull back your stitches.

Next, we have a bunch of little white ducks snuggled up together, creating an irresistibly cute and cozy cuddle pile. Their sleepy cuteness will bring comfort and charm to your home. If you enjoyed the sleepy fox earlier, these ducks will capture your heart as well. Whether you make one or create a whole pile, they’re a delightful addition to any cottagecore room.

Finally, we present a pattern that caters to those who want a more chibi-inspired pattern. This adorable duckling design blends cartoonish charm with cottagecore style. Their tiny wings and sparkling eyes make them a perfect addition to your crochet collection. Plus, you have the freedom to customize these ducklings with various color combinations. This is perfect because it allows for endless personalization options!

The Beauty of Cottagecore Crochet

Embark on your next crochet journey with this collection of cottagecore crochet patterns. Amigurumi can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, they are so much fun to make. These cottagecore amigurumi patterns bring the aesthetic to life. From buzzing bees to mushroom magic, they offer you endless possibilities! They capture the essence of cottagecore and allow you to infuse any space with cozy vibes. Whether you’re brand new to crochet or you’ve been doing it for years, you will adore these patterns. They’ll allow you to combine the beauty of cottagecore with that of crochet and let your creativity soar. Happy stitching!


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