15 Quick Crochet Patterns You’ll Love: Easy Crochet Patterns for You This Year

Who doesn’t love a speedy crochet pattern for when you’re short on time? These patterns have got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something simple or you need a last-minute crochet project, keep scrolling. These patterns are ideal for using leftover yarn scraps. One of the quick crochet patterns on this list is bound to have you crocheting in the blink of an eye. So, dive into the world of quick crochet patterns and let the stitches flow!

1. Annabelle Crochet Earrings Pattern from The Loopy Lamb

We’re starting with a very quick crochet pattern. These crochet earrings are the epitome of fast and easy, clocking in at only ten minutes! Ideal for all crocheters, these earrings are your go-to for a quick crochet pattern.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making a gift or treating yourself– this free crochet pattern is your golden ticket to an easy project. And with its short yardage, it’s the ultimate stash-buster for those yarn scraps you’ve been holding onto.

2. Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves from My Crochet Space

Introducing a timeless favorite– crochet fingerless gloves! My Crochet Space brings you a beginner-friendly pattern that works up in an hour. The genius behind these gloves lies in their simplicity– worked flat as rectangles and then sewn up. This straightforward approach makes it a breeze for beginner crocheters.

Projects like these offer a confidence boost and add to your handmade wardrobe. Grab some warm yarn and dive into this free crochet pattern for a quick and satisfying project!

3. Ozzie the Hatching Cardinal Crochet Pattern from Lewie and Berg

Look no further than this cardinal crochet pattern for a quick amigurumi project. This little hatchling is round and soft, snug in his crocheted shell. The shell is a delightful touch for this adorable baby bird.

Suitable for all crocheters, this quick crochet pattern is the perfect gift. It’s even better when using a super soft, plush yarn. Give a heartfelt touch to your crochet creations with this charming hatching cardinal pattern!

4. Daisy Flower Crochet Coaster Pattern from Jo to the World Creations

Crocheting coasters is quick and perfect for creating sets. These could be for markets, your home, or for gifts. This charming floral coaster is a quick crochet pattern that adds a touch of sweetness to your space.

Whipping up daisy coasters is a breeze, requiring three colors: yellow, white, and green. This pattern has some easy adjustments which let you explore a myriad of flowers with simple color changes. Elevate your crochet game with this quick crochet coaster pattern!

5. Unicorn Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern from Green Fox Farms Designs

Coffee lovers, here’s a must-try quick crochet pattern. Elevate your drinking experience with this design, perfect in any color combo. Raid your yarn stash to discover your ideal colorway for this charming creation. Say goodbye to the burning or freezing palms when grabbing your drink!

This fun and free crochet pattern is the perfect solution for giving any cup the cozy it deserves. Enjoy your coffee in style with this quick and vibrant crochet project!

6. Shabd Tunisian Crochet Bookmark from KnitterKnotter

Embrace the world of Tunisian crochet with the Shabd bookmark, a gem of a quick crochet pattern. Tailored for Tunisian crochet beginners, this pattern stands out for one wonderful reason. You can use a regular crochet hook to create it!

If diving into Tunisian crochet is on your to-do, consider this the pattern to start your journey. Be sure to use a thin yarn, as thicker yarn may result in a bookmark that’s too thick for comfortable use.

7. The Ridgeline Mug Rug from Pine Tree Crochet

This mug rug is a quick crochet pattern with a simple repeat and a texture that’s too gorgeous to resist. The easy two-row repeat makes it an absolute gem for beginners. Designed with worsted weight yarn in mind, this pattern works with whatever yarn you have available.

It’s the perfect excuse to sift through your scrap yarn, making room for new yarn. Get ready to grab your hook and elevate your decor with this quick and easy mug rug pattern!

8. Chevron Soap Saver from byGoldenberry

The soap saver is the ideal quick crochet pattern. It’s a speedy make with a practical purpose. This project is functional and environmentally friendly. You’ll love it whether you need a stocking stuffer or are eager to put your extra yarn to good use.

Bar soaps wear down over time and dealing with smaller pieces can be a hassle. Soap savers fix that problem! The chevron stitch featured in this pattern adds some texture and gentle exfoliation to this soap saver too.

9. Velvet Crochet Scrunchie Pattern from Selina Veronique

Meet the crochet scrunchie pattern that works up in no time! Grab some bulky-weight yarn and you’re ready for a quick crochet project. A velvet yarn is the designer’s top pick for a lush finish. However, feel free to experiment with any yarn of the same weight that you adore.

Crochet scrunchies are not only a speedy make but also an adorable accessory. Perfect for markets or mini gifts, these scrunchies are an absolute crowd-pleaser. Dive into this quick crochet pattern and save it for later!

10. Cosmopolitan Gloves from Crochet Highway Designs

These snug gloves use the alpine stitch, which adds a stunning texture to the glove’s body. Designed for sport-weight yarn, this pattern is versatile and accommodates various yarn weights. Look through your yarn stash and see what you have!

Just be sure to match your gauge, and you’re all set to dive into crafting your new favorite gloves. Whether you’re making a gift or stocking up for winter markets, this quick crochet pattern might just be your new favorite.

11. Simple Crochet Slouchy Beanie from Jewels & Jones

Now, here’s one of the larger patterns in our roundup, but don’t let the size fool you – it’s a quick crochet pattern we couldn’t skip. It works up quickly thanks to its straightforward construction. This pattern has easy crochet stitches and a simple shape: a rectangle!

The simplicity makes it an ideal pick for crochet beginners. There’s a bit of seaming at the end, but no worries, it’s a breeze to complete. This free crochet pattern is your ticket to keeping those ears warm when the chill sets in.

12. Retro Granny Stitch Mug Cozy from Kathy’s Kozies

Say hello to the granny stitch mug cozy! If you’re a beginner eager to dive into the world of the granny stitch, this pattern is your perfect starting point. What sets this mug cozy apart is its full coverage, around the sides and snug over the bottom of your mug. This ensures coziness and unmarred tabletops.

You’ll need one button to secure this cozy in place, keeping it snug on your mug. Crafted with worsted-weight yarn, this quick crochet pattern works up in no time.

13. Crochet Bracelet Pattern from Wilmade

Unlock the secrets of this crochet bracelet with this quick crochet pattern! This bracelet is easy, using only a single crochet stitch. It works up fast and it’s so easy for beginner crocheters. Plus, it’s another scrappy project for using up your scrap yarn.

Dive into your stash and grab a cotton fingering or DK weight yarn for this charming pattern. While the images feature bracelet end caps, the notes explain how to finish without them. This free crochet pattern is a must for anyone keen on adding handmade jewelry to their collection.

14. Burst Scissor Holder from Regina P Designs

Meet the solution to your lost kitchen scissors – the scissor holder! This quick crochet pattern uses just 32 yards of worsted-weight yarn. This scrappy project works up swiftly and looks gorgeous. No more losing your scissors in the kitchen chaos.

Attach one or two magnets to the back, and voila! Your scissor holder rests on the fridge, ensuring easy access every time you need it. Say goodbye to the scissor hunt with this simple and efficient crochet pattern!

15. Nesting Planters from ACCROchet

Elevate your home with these crochet planters. This is a quick crochet pattern that ensures your plant pots seamlessly match. With three sizes available, different pots can blend into your home’s decor.

But here’s the twist – these versatile planters can do more than it seems. Use them as regular baskets too! The smaller sizes are perfect for organizing stationery and craft supplies. Designed with bulky yarn in mind, this crochet pattern brings functionality and style to your home.

Quick Crochet Patterns for Your Scrappy Needs!

Now that you’ve looked through these quick crochet patterns, we’re betting one or two have caught your eye! There’s a lineup of scrappy crochet projects here that are bound to find their way into our home soon.

For those enchanted by amigurumi, check out our cottagecore crochet roundup. If winter holds a special place in your heart, our winter amigurumi roundup is a must-see! Perhaps you’re more into garments. We’ve got you covered too with our crochet sweater pattern roundup.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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