10 Amigurumi Crochet Patterns You’re Sure To Love This Winter!

Some of the most popular crochet patterns are amigurumi, and it’s not hard to see why. These sweet creations are adorable, they are perfect decor, and they make wonderful gifts for friends and family of all ages. Seriously, who doesn’t love a cozy plushie? Today we’re bringing ten winter-themed amigurumi crochet patterns to you, so you can pick your favourites to crochet this winter. We can’t wait to find out which crochet pattern speaks to you!

Whether you’re a beginner crocheter looking for an easy project or an advanced crocheter ready for anything, you’re sure to discover an amigurumi pattern you adore in this crochet roundup!

1. Percy the Hatching Penguin from Lewie and Berg

Percy is an adorable crochet penguin amigurumi designed by Lewie and Berg. His grey eggshell adds the perfect winter touch— he’s still tucked into it, keeping him warm and cozy in the winter chill. He’s a wonderful winter plush for the little ones in your life this snowy season. Crochet this cozy penguin using a bulky chenille yarn! The pattern suits all skill levels, so every crocheter can grab this pattern and have some fun with it.

Be sure to take a look at this pattern in Lewie and Berg’s Etsy shop!

2. Carl the Alpaca Crochet Pattern from Little World of Whimsy

Carl is a crochet alpaca with the perfect accessories to keep him cozy in the winter. This crochet pattern includes a scarf and a Santa hat. We’re certain in January he’ll be happy to sport his comfy scarf until it warms up in the spring. With minimal sewing required (only a little for his cute leggies!), all crocheters will adore this sweet alpaca.

Find your favorite sport weight yarn in your stash and run to the Little World of Whimsy, since this crochet alpaca pattern is available for free!

3. Trevor the Triceratops Crochet Pattern from The Loopy Lamb

Trevor’s pattern only uses simple stitches to create this cute crochet triceratops. This is perfect if you have a dinosaur-obsessed kid in your life, or anyone else who adores dinosaurs. Designed with worsted weight yarn in mind, you can crochet this pattern in any weight you have on hand. Go big with super bulky or micro with crochet thread! Keep your tension consistent and the world is your oyster (your triceratops?).

Have fun stash-diving, then head over to The Loopy Lamb’s website, where this crochet dinosaur pattern is available for free.

4. Melted Snowman Amigurumi from Golden Lucy Crafts

For some, this is the time of year when snowmen are living their best frosty lives. For others, this is the perfect time of year for the snow to melt away, just like this melted snowman amigurumi! No matter how cold your winter, this melting snowman is the perfect crochet decoration. This charming melted snowman crochet pattern uses worsted yarn and a few black buttons.

Grab your hooks and head over to Golden Lucy Crafts’ website, where this pattern is available for free!

5. Nordic Twist Gnome Crochet Pattern from KCACO UK Crochet Designs

Next we have this little gnome, who is the perfect winter decoration. You can turn the twist in his hat with the hidden piping cleaner inside. In all his pictures, he’s crocheted in a gorgeous blue palette. However, you can crochet this Nordic gnome in the color palette that matches your winter decor best! The crochet pattern is designed with weight #2 cotton yarn in mind. This pattern is available in US and UK terms, so it’s perfect for crocheters no matter which terms they’re most familiar with.

Grab the pattern in KCACO UK Crochet Designs’ Etsy shop today!

6. Cozy Snowman Crochet Pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

This snowman is cozier than some people are in the winter! The pattern includes instructions for his adorable accessories to keep him warm. His hat is done up in the sweetest buffalo plaid, and we adore the fringe on his little scarf! It uses worsted weight yarn, though you’ll need some bulky faux fur yarn in the fuzzier sections.

This crochet pattern is available for free on Spin a Yarn Crochet’s website, so dig through your stash and have fun with the coziest snowman you’ve ever met!

7. Boo the Yeti Monster Crochet Pattern from DIYFluffies

It’s not winter without a yeti hidden away in the mountains, so what’s better than this yeti crochet pattern? Though it’s designed with sport-weight cotton yarn and faux fur in mind, you can use any yarn you’d like. Get ready to go stash-diving! Boo looks adorable in this white and blue palette, though we’re certain this yeti would be perfect in any yarn you have at home. This intermediate crochet pattern includes pictures to guide you along, and it’s available in many languages.

If Boo’s the yeti for you, you can get this pattern from DIYFluffies’ Etsy shop today.

8. Snowflake Penguin Pal Pattern from Divine Debris

Crocheted flat using aran-weight yarn, this adorable penguin amigurumi is perfect for winter. You’ll need a few different colors, but it’s worth it in the end when it all comes together. The designer notes that you can adjust it for a variety of different creations! With the right changes, this pattern can create a potholder or even a mini purse.

However you’d like to twist it, this pattern is available for free on Divine Debris’ website now.

9. Snowball Babies Crochet Pattern from Regina P. Designs

These snowball babies are the sweetest snowmen you’ve ever seen! With round bodies and cute smiles, they’re the perfect winter plush. If you have any little ones in your life, they’re sure to love these round amigurumi. They’re worked up with aran-weight yarn and a few buttons. This pattern includes instructions so you can crochet your snowman a beanie or headband to keep them cozy all winter long.

If you’d like to crochet yourself an adorable round snowman, you can find this pattern available in Regina P. Designs’ Ravelry store now!

10. Mack the Moose Crochet Pattern from Blackstone Designs

Mack is an adorable moose amigurumi, perfect for cuddling year-round and seasonal decor in the winter. We adore when our amigurumi get to be cozy when it’s chilly, so of course we had to pick the moose with a warm scarf! His buffalo plaid scarf is so sweet and we love the look of it. This pattern only uses worsted-weight yarn, so be sure to peek through your stash to see what you can find. You’ll also need a set of safety eyes and a pair of buttons for his eyes and nose.

This is an easy crochet pattern available for free on Blackstone Designs’ website!

Cozy Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

These crochet amigurumi patterns are perfect for when the winter chill sets in and we need something cozy to cheer us up. Whether you were looking for the perfect gift or just something fun to crochet, we hope you found a pattern you adore!

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