Strawberry Fields Scrunchie

Created to accompany the Mirrorball Vest dog sweater pattern so you can match your best friend!

Get ready to adorn your hair with the sweetest scrunchies ever – introducing the “Strawberry Fields” pattern! 🍓🧶 These delightful scrunchies are knitted in the round using the berry stitch, creating a juicy texture that’s as charming as ripe strawberries. 🌿🍓

Whether you’re a scrunchie enthusiast or trying your hand at knitting one for the first time, Strawberry Fields is a quick and enjoyable project that will add a burst of color and style to your everyday look. The berry stitch creates a fun and bouncy texture, making these scrunchies not only cute but also comfortable to wear. 🌸💕 Knit up a whole bunch in various berrylicious shades to match any outfit and spread the strawberry love wherever you go! 🍓🌈

This pattern is available here:

Pattern Notes:
This fun textured scrunchie is knit in the round with a four row repeat stitch pattern and then seamed around a hair elastic. It creates fun texture that shows up well in a variety of colours. It was designed to match the Mirrorball Vest for dogs, so the berry stitch pattern is identical to the one on the vest. Linked video tutorials are included to help you along the way.

Long tail cast on, knitting in the round, increasing, decreasing, seaming.

One size. You can make the scrunchie larger and have more ‘scrunch’ to it by casting on more stitches or continuing for more rounds by adding extra repeats of the stitch pattern.

Suggested Yarn:
I knit these scrunchies in Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK specifically to match the Mirrorball Vest dog sweater. This is a fun scrappy project as you can use almost anything in your stash and you don’t need much of it.

This is an estimate, the final yardage will vary based on your yarn choice and tension

Less than 70 yards is enough for one scrunchie.

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