🐾❤️🌳 Get ready to embark on a knitting adventure with My Favourite Things – a fun stranded colorwork sweater that’s as challenging as it is charming! 🧶✨ This design celebrates your furry friend’s loves: bones, hearts, and trees, creating a truly unique and heartwarming knit. Channel your inner knitting ninja as you master the art of stranded colourwork, and watch as these delightful motifs come to life on your needles!

🌈🐶 While My Favourite Things may be a bit more advanced, the journey is well worth it! As you navigate through the stitches, you’ll see your dog’s beloved treasures appear row by row. The mix of patterns will make this sweater as playful and joyful as your furry companion’s wagging tail. The end result? A cozy and heartful creation that showcases your dog’s cherished delights. So, gather your bravery, select the most vibrant yarns, and let’s embark on a knitting quest that will fill your heart with warmth and your dog’s wardrobe with love! 🐕💕🌳

This pattern is available here:

Pattern Notes:
The construction of this sweater is top down, in the round with chest increases made using M1L/R increases. The armholes are knit onto scrap yarn and then the sleeves are later picked up and knit in the round. The tummy shaping is done with simple decreases, there is also an optional harness hole. The stranded colourwork in this design is really fun, highlighting some of our furry friends favourite things, including bones, hearts for love and of course, trees!

Tutorials on stranded colourwork, creating the harness hole, picking up stitches, jogless stripes, tummy shaping, the stretchy bind off and a full walk through of creating the sleeves are all included with the pattern.

Alternate instructions are included for a shorter armhole to collar ratio for dogs with shorter torsos and longer bodies!

-long tail cast on
-knitting in the round
-knitting flat
-stranded colourwork

XS, S, (M, L, XL) for a chest circumference of;
11-13”, 13-16” (16-20”, 20-24”, 24-28)“.

Suggested Yarn:
Paintbox Simply DK in Seafoam Blue (MC), Pale Lilac (stripes), Paper White (bones), Lipstick Pink (hearts), Grass Green (treetops), and Coffee Bean (tree trunks).

MC (light blue) 80, (105, 145, 175, 255) yards / 73, (96, 132, 160, 233) m
CC1 (stripes) 45 (50, 85, 110) 150 yards / 41, (45, 77, 100) 137 m
CC2 (bones) 15 (20, 25, 30) 40 yards / 13, (18, 23, 27) 37 m
CC3 (hearts) 10 (12, 15, 17) 20 yards / 9 (11, 13, 16) 18 m
CC4 (green) 20 (22, 30, 35) 50 yards / 18, (20, 27, 32) 45 m
CC5 (tree trunks) 15 (20, 22, 25) 35 yards / 13 (18, 20, 23) 32 m

This pattern includes the follow videos:

  1. M1L & M1R Increases
  2. Bind Off & Cast On for Leash Hole
  3. Picking Up and Knitting Seamless Sleeves
  4. Two Colour Stranded Colourwork –
  5. Jogless Stripes
  6. Tummy Shaping and Edge Stitches
  7. Surprisingly Stretch Bind Off

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