It’s Spooky Season, and I’m Ready!

I’m a big fan of all things fall, and especially looking forward to this season! This is my first year designing so it’s been really neat to come up with fun Halloween and fall themed designs and turn them into patterns. Right now, I have three in the works, and a couple of neat things I’m not allowed to talk about yet. 🙃

Dragon Training Costume

The dragon costume is finished testing and is actually more of a ‘recipe’ than a pattern because of all the custom parts to it. It is such a fun project for any sized dog. It includes a back piece, a front piece, a hood, front sleeves and pants!

The back is knit first, then the front and they’re seamed together. The front sleeves are picked up and knit from the armholes, and the pants are knit flat against the thigh and then all the way around towards the ‘knee’, (I don’t think it’s actually a knee, but you get the idea). The hood is attached last.

The back and the hood feature an all over scale pattern, so when done in green it’s a really fun dragon vibe. Nacho will be wearing his dragon costume during Halloween week this year for sure.

Dragon Training Fingerless Mitts

I also did a matching set of dragon scale fingerless mitts to go with it. Matching with Nacho was the whole reason I got into designing in the first place, so of course I needed to make something fun to match!

There are also two colorwork Halloweeny sweaters underway with a matching set of mittens and a matching hat (with a ponytail hole). Before I get too excited about those I have a very exciting project for a knitting magazine I love and am so honored to be involved with. Plus a pattern coming out in a week or so that I will absolutely be posting about the second it happens, and another I am almost finished writing up as a submission. It’s the busiest I’ve ever been and I love it all so much! I wish I could show you everything but I can’t share pictures of anything not yet published. Soon!

Giara by Soohyun Nam for Woolfolk

This I can show you though! One of my dearest friends Soo has a pattern being released by Woolfolk called Giara and I am so proud of her! It’s a gorgeous textured pullover done in Woolfolk’s Far, which if you have never knit with, is an absolute dream – an impossibly soft 100% merino worsted weight yarn.

Nacho in his Highway Sweater

There is so much fun coming out this season, I can hardly wait. The leaves are changing already here in Toronto, and it’s chilly enough for Nacho to wear sweaters on our early morning walks. Then Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, Halloween, and then we get festive for basically two months for Christmas and New Years. I think I can honestly say I love every season, but this one will always be my favourite.

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