Stuff the Stocking Blog Hop – Day 8

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and Day 8 of the Stuff the Stocking blog hop is here to sprinkle some crochet cheer! Hosted by the magical Madame Stitch, this daily dose of delight promises endless fun and freebies. Today’s star? Our very own Sarah’s Choker – a 90s throwback with a modern twist – and guess what? It’s your gift for free! It will always be available free right here on this page, just scroll down to find it! Today though, you can snag the full PDF for free from Ravelry with the code from Madame Stitch!

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Madame Stitch’s blog hop has been a daily gift of creative joy, transforming your stocking-stuffing game. With a treasure trove of designs, each day unfolds like Christmas morning, bursting with handmade goodness.

Stuff the Stocking with Elegance: Grab Your Free Bling!

Because we adore you like holiday cookies, Sarah’s Choker is yours for free on Ravelry. Snag your free pattern using the code from the main blog hop post and add a touch of chic to your festive crafting.

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Crafting Chaos, One Free Stuffer at a Time!

As we stir up the holiday shenanigans on Day 4, props to Madame Stitch and the crafting maestros who’ve brewed up this stitching extravaganza. Each pattern is a party favor, a tiny treasure ready to turn your holiday season into a crochet carnival so don’t forget to keep checking the main hop post for more freebies and discounts every day!

Wishing You a Holiday Season Full of Laughter, Lace, and Lots of Freebies!

From all of us at Craftopia Collective we wish you a holiday season bursting with laughter, fun creations, and loads of freebies. May your stockings overflow with handmade treasures, and may your crafting bring a touch of sass to the season. Thanks for being a part of our crochet carnival. Until next time, keep on crafting! 🎉

Sarah’s Choker

Sarah’s Choker was named after and inspired by Sarah Sanderson of our favourite witchy trio! This intermediate project is the perfect accessory in so many different color combos.

Worked flat, this choker is crocheted as one rectangle, and the ribbon is woven in afterwards.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

YARN: DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss in pink and red.

ALTERNATE YARN: Any embroidery floss will do.

GAUGE: Not important for this pattern.

SIZES: One size, easily customizable.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 14″ / 35.5 cm long with a starting ch of 76.

YARDAGE / COLOURS: MC – pink – ~20 yards. CC – red – ~10 yards.

HOOK: 2mm

NOTIONS: stitch markers, tapestry needle, 1cm wide ribbon


Crocheting flat.


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

tr – treble crochet

st – stitch

sk – skip

ch1sp – ch 1 space from previous row

slst – slip stitch


ch at start of row does NOT count as stitch


ch a multiple of 15 in MC, +1 ch for turning.

Row 1: sc across.

Row 2: ch4, tr in first st. *ch1, sk1, tr* until one st left, tr in last st.

Switch to CC.

Row 3: sc. *sc in ch1sp, sc* until one st left, sc in last st.

Switch to MC.

Row 4: ch1. *sc5, ch5, turn work. sk4, slst into next st. turn work. in loop, sc4, ch3, sc4* repeat from * to end of row. slst in last sc from previous row.

ch1 and tie off.


Weave ends in as usual. To insert ribbon, cut length 6 inches longer than length of choker. Weave ribbon back and forth between treble crochets from row 2. Use ribbon to tie choker when worn.

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