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It is impossible to talk about Twisted Ambitions Yarn, and the man behind the magic, Ross, without talking about his love of bold colour, and the joy of mixing it up! Gorgeous, saturated bright colours with little speckles can be found alongside calm, more neutral colours make for a wide selection in 10 bases ranging from mohair lace to bulky and everything in between (like my fave, the Sweet Sock base).

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Your love of colour is clear from a quick scroll of your Instagram feed, have you always been into these bright semisolids?

I’ve always enjoyed bright colors! I took every art class I could going through school. I found that my favorite kind of art was abstract art. Knowing there weren’t any boundaries to color or shape kept me inspired to continue. I still use that artform to this day, but on a much more fun canvas.

You also have some really unique colourways with fun speckles, what is your decision process like when you’re choosing when to add those speckles and when not to?

For me, the more speckles the merrier. That being said, I like to distribute speckles on every color but I tend to hold back when I have an idea for variegated colorways. Some makers aren’t familiar with how the yarn works up when it’s speckled and might stay away from that type of dyeing method. That’s where variegated and semisolid yarns come into play.

Do you have a preference, in your dying or in your knitting, for the tonals / semisolids or the variegated yarns?

I’d say that I lean more towards bright speckled colors more than any other yarns but I’m really enjoying creating neutral speckled colors a lot. When it comes to knitting I enjoy all three yarn types mentioned. It mostly depends on what I’m knitting. I love to stripe semisolids for seamed sweaters, speckled bright/moody colors for marled projects, and variegated yarns are perfect for blending semisolids into a different color semisolid.

Can you share some pairing ideas for variegated colourways? What are some of your faves together?

I really like the look you get when blending semisolid yarns into two color variegated yarns that have the same color as the semisolid. Then, blending that variegated into the next semisolid color from the variegated. For example, a gray semisolid blended into a gray and blue variegated, gray and blue variegated blended into a blue semisolid. (Ed note: like the semisolid Nip/Tuck and the variegated Rain On Me pictured below)

You are also a knitwear designer! So fun! Tell me a bit about how you got started with that, was it before or after you started dying yarn?

I’ve been dyeing yarn since 2016 shortly after I met my husband. With designing, I kind of just fell into by accident. I knit a pair of pajamas that I shared on my IG feed around December of 2020 and so many people asked what pattern I used because they wanted to knit them too! Fast Forward a couple months and I put out a testing call for my first design. Some time passed, and in October of 2021 I was asked to be a featured dyer for Knit Stars season 6. I had just released my second pattern, the Ripcord Hat. It was also featured in Knit Stars at their flagship store grand opening. Shelley Brander, owner and founder of Knit Stars, had me come to realization that I am a knitwear designer. Before attending the event I was skeptical of giving myself that title. Shelley gave me the courage to be just that! Since then, I’ve been dyeing yarn like crazy to make my dream come true. That dream was to become a full time yarn dyer. 6 months later I made the leap to full time and haven’t looked back. I’ve only put out three patterns since I started designing with tons of designs that haven’t made it to paper yet.

It was so great to see your anti-racism call to action in your linktree! I have been asking folks for a few charities or causes that are close to their hearts / important to them right now. Can you share some links you feel are good starting off points for causes that are important to you?

Sure thing! I really enjoy the work The Trevor Project is doing and I plan to continue fundraising and supporting them. I’m also really into supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Currently, I’m fundraising for the Born This Way Foundation where their mission is to support the mental health of young people and work with them to build a kinder and braver world.

What are some patterns you’ve recently added to your queue?

Hiberknitting 2022 designs by Stephen West are the only patterns I’ve purchased recently. Lately, I’ve only been knitting my own designs. I enjoy seeing Maxim Cyr’s designs AKA @MaxTheKnitter on IG

What’s your most recently finished object?

I added another sweater to my wardrobe. Using yarn from my Halloween collection in the colors Mr. Scarecrow as the main color, Haunt (olive green) for the collar and waistband, and Spice (pastel orange) for the cuffs. It’s now my favorite sweater!

I know this is nearly impossible, but do you have a favourite colourway? For the record, my favourite in your shop is either your Rainbow Graffiti for your Trevor Project Fundraiser or Tropical Drink!

I like both of those colors too! Favorite color I’ve dyed is from my newest collection Edge of Glory. It has a light olive brown base with bits of light turquoise and orange. Tons of speckles, including spruce, terracotta, and peach. To me, it’s a masterpiece!

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