Pattern Roundup: Valentine’s Edition

I’ve collected five fun and quick to knit heart themed knitting patterns to share with you in time for Valentines Day!

With Love Valentine’s Day Socks by Heidi Jokinen

Heidi Jokinen on Instagram

First up are these cute and creative heart socks. I love a simple colourwork sock, but I especially love when the colourwork is clever like this and the simplicity is part of what makes it so unique. The negative space is what really makes this design pop, I love that the heart shapes appear as just outlines because they’re knit in the background colour. The diagonal lines and the use of open space on the leg and the top of the foot are so good. Then the reverse of the colours from the leg to the toe is another really eye catching part that I love. The hearts on the leg are filled in with the background, and the hearts on the toe are filled in with the contrast. So fun. I love the way they look and they would be fun to knit too!

This pattern is 3 euro on Ravelry, which is about 4.50 Canadian. It includes a chart and written instructions and and it’s available in English and Finnish!

Little Heart Mittens by Destiny Meyer

Destiny Meyer on Instagram

At first glance, these look like thrummed mittens. To me anyway, they looked like thrummed mittens and it wasn’t until I started reading the pattern I realized it’s fair isle in super bulky yarn!

They’re simple and super adorable and I think they’d be a great first mitten pattern or even a first in the round pattern for people just starting out. Having said that, they’d be a fun quick knit for everyone else, really. I love the way they look in red and white, and they’re still very cute in other colour combinations. You could do them in red and green for Christmas or maybe purple and green or black and orange for Halloween. Or just your two favourite colours for anytime.

This is a free pattern. There’s a page on Ravelry so you can add it to your projects that way, and the pattern itself is on Destiny’s website, Knifty Knittings with a full tutorial on how to make them.

Heart to Heart Cowl by Noemi Zimmer

Noemi Zimmer on Instagram

It was a real toss up between this pattern and another of Noemi’s patterns, a cowl called Half of My Heart, which is a similar design but half of each heart is done in a different colour. This one, the Heart to Heart, stands out because it’s just so visually stunning and yet a pretty simple and quick to knit pattern. I also love that you can go really wild or simple with the colour changes. The background in a solid colour and the hearts in a variegated would be really cute and still simple. Or you could do the hearts in alternating colours or in rows or even diagonally, there are so many options for this cute cowl. I love it.

This pattern is available on Ravelry for $6.50 USD, about $9 Canadian. It’s also available on Etsy and the Jackibean website.

Heart Face Scrubby by Liz Chandler

Liz Chandler on Instagram

These cute little face scrubbies are so useful! Of course my first thought was washing Nacho’s face, but a normal person might think of washing their own face. Knit up a handful of these and they’ll easily become a bathroom cabinet staple for all kinds of things. Washing your face, wiping your dog’s face or paws, cleaning a cut before putting on a bandage. Whatever. They look like they knit up lightning fast! Use cotton yarn to maximize their usefulness.

This pattern is available for free on the Purls and Pixels website and also has a Ravelry page so you can add it as a project that way if you’d like to. It comes with a chart and care instructions too. You could make a cute little collection to give as useful Valentines. 🙂

Heartshaker Scrunchie by Maytina Shank

Maytina Shank on Instagram

Of course, I wanted to add my new free heart scrunchie pattern to the mix. I’m not exaggerating when I say this scrunchie is my favourite that I’ve ever made. It’s huge and chunky and fun to wear. It knits up pretty quick too. You could have a stack of them by Valentine’s Day. There are two rows of hearts, and one of them is flipped so no matter how it gets twisted up in your hair, you can see right side up hearts. I held mohair with the lighter pink to give it a little halo effect and I love it.

This pattern is available for free on and also has a Ravelry page so you can add your project if you want. It includes a chart and a video on how to seam it around a hair elastic.


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