March Maker Madness Day 7: The Gilmore Messenger Bag

It’s March Maker Madness time! Carroway Crochet is hosting her second March Maker Madness hop and we’ve got 25 amazing free crochet patterns for you! There are some really wonderful patterns in this hop so be sure to check the main post over on Carroway Crochet every day to get your free pattern of the day.

The Gilmore Messenger Bag is a great skill builder for the intermediate crocheter, using both C2C and Tunisian crochet! The bag itself is made entirely of C2C crochet. Usually, C2C (corner to corner) crochet is used to make ‘graphgans’, or afghan blankets made from a graph to create a picture – it’s like pixel art for crochet! This bag uses the C2C technique with colour fading yarn, so you get the practice of the C2C technique without juggling different colours. The strap is made in a very simple beginner Tunisian stitch.

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Download the free PDF on Ravelry, or check out the free on the blog version with embedded videos and photos here – The Gilmore Messenger Bag


  1. Looks like a great bag! Thanks so much for your generosity in providing the pattern as a free blog hop item!!

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