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The first time I came across the LaurelKnits Instagram, I was immediately inspired to knit a pair of socks. There is just something about the way Laura designs and photographs her socks that makes people want to stop what they’re doing and cast on a new pair. All the more inspiring is that she’s pursuing her master’s degree at Helsinki University while creating all these beautiful socks! Her posts have also inspired me to dig out half finished pairs of socks from the WIP graveyard just to have a new pair complete! My Color Palette Socks were the first pair that I ever did two at a time magic loop style, and really had me falling in love with Laura’s design style. They’re such a fun pattern to knit because you can mix up the colours however you’d like to and it will always turn out cute!

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As a master’s student, how do you balance time between your studies and your business?
Balancing my time between knitting and everything else has been something I’ve struggled with for the past few years. I just prefer knitting and dyeing yarn to most of things. But at the same time, the moment I realized that, I intentionally started making more time for knitting and yarn dyeing. And it gradually grew into a little business. At the moment, I’m actually taking a little break from writing my thesis.

What came first for you, knitwear design or yarn dying?
Designing socks came first, but back then I wasn’t publishing the patterns just yet. Yarn dyeing came shortly after.

What is the hardest part of the designing / pattern releasing process for you?
When I hit an obstacle – the math doesn’t add up or the way I express certain things doesn’t make sense or when I sometimes start over analyzing the whole process. Then it’s a lot of back and forth with my tech editor and eventually it all makes sense again.

I think it is impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed and not be inspired to knit a pair of socks, have you always been a fan of sock knitting?
Thank you, May! Yes, I have. Socks always fit the narrative somehow. They look good and make me feel good. They’re witty. And they are this little element that sticks out from my almost always dark attire. I feel I can go crazy with color combinations and textures.

How long have you been knitting?
Actively, about 6 years. I learnt to knit in 5 th or 6 th grade, but couldn’t do a purl stitch, so I kinda gave up knitting for about 15 years. I’m so incredibly happy that one day I decided to pick up my knitting needles again.

Your colour combinations in your socks are always so beautiful, have you always enjoyed playing with colour like this?
No! That side of me was definitely in hiding all these years! Knitting socks and dyeing yarn has brought out that side of me. I think I didn’t know it existed.

Do you remember what your first finished object was?
I think it was a simple scarf I made when I first learnt how to knit.

What are some new patterns you have added to your queue?
There are so many incredibly talented designers out there, that the list is long. I think my next cast on will be a cardigan, Eryza by Meiju Knits. It was published a few years ago. About my pattern designs, some striped socks are coming, and also some vanilla socks with
fancier cuffs.

What’s your most recent finished object?
A pair of Frillerina Socks.

This may be impossible to answer, but which is your favourite sock design of yours?
I do really like all of them, but I’d say Ariade Socks have that something special – I think bobbles and twisted rib go well together.

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