Jerry the Jellyfish! – Quick Gifts and Cozy Makes – Day 10

‘Tis the season for crochet magic, and we’re thrilled to be part of the Quick Gifts & Cozy Makes Blog Hop, curated by the talented force behind Straight Hooked. This month-long celebration promises a mix of quick crochet delights and cozy creations – the perfect blend to make your December a yarn-filled wonderland. Start the month out with gifts that come together in a afternoon and end the month making something cozy for yourself!

Quick Gifts Extravaganza

In the spirit of speedy stitches, our featured pattern today is the delightful Jerry the Jellyfish. This charming creation is not only quick to make but also makes for perfect stocking stuffers or whimsical gift embellishments. And here’s the cherry on top – exclusively for Dec 10th, the PDF is free on Ravelry. Check out the main hop post for the secret code and let the rapid crochet revelry begin!

As the days unfold, keep an eye on the blog hop for a daily carousel of fun patterns. From free patterns to exclusive discounts, the fun never stops. Get ready to add a dash of crochet merriment to your December crafting!

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Jerry is a sweet jellyfish with big eyes and a wide smile. This adorable aquatic amigurumi is perfect for all plushie lovers. The pattern is fully seamless, meaning that there is zero sewing involved in the creation of this jelly!

Jerry the Jellyfish is worked in the round with zero excess sewing. The ruffle is worked along the edge of the jelly before the base is done. The curlicues along the base are worked as you go, creating a perfect seamless finish.

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Cozy Makes Bliss

Once the quick gift whirlwind settles, it’s time to shift gears into the realm of coziness. Mid-month marks the commencement of our cozy adventure – a journey into patterns designed for your post-holiday indulgence. Think warm blankets, snug accessories, and all things that bring comfort and joy. Each day, discover patterns that invite you to snuggle up with your yarn. Whether it’s a discounted gem or a free pattern, the lineup is designed to wrap you in crochet warmth.

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December is the month of yarn, hooks, and endless possibilities. Join us in the Quick Gifts & Cozy Makes Blog Hop – a month-long celebration of all things crochet. Happy hooking! 🧶✨


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