Feeling Halloweeny!

I am thrilled to have finally released my This is Halloween dog sweater last night, it’s out now on Raverly, LoveCrafts, Etsy and Payhip! It was a long time in the making and not because the sweater itself was a time consuming design or knit (honestly it was neither) but more because of events surrounding it.

I had two deadlines to get through before I could direct my attention back to it fully after I had started. One was a sure thing for a publication that I can’t talk about until next year and the other was a submission I have not heard back from yet. Thankfully both are out of my hands now and I can return my attention to this adorable sweater.

Halloween is such a fun time to dress up dogs – in comfortable outfits – I cannot possibly stress that point enough. Itchy, too tight or abrasive costumes are no fun for dogs. Having said that, a comfy and cozy sweater slash costume that also happens to be totally adorable is always a fun choice this time of year.

This one was a lot of fun because of the mixing of colours and textures and motifs. For a Halloweeny sweater, I know there is a glaring lack of orange, but the black and purple with a little pop of lime green feels very Halloweeny to me! Bats and ghosts were a must for a Halloween themed sweater for me, and I always love a good stripe and stitch pattern. The Ridge Check pattern I used on the bottom half of this sweater is a really fun knit because it is 50% slipped stitches! So not at all as complicated or fiddly as it may appear to be.

Nacho has worn it almost every day since I finished it, and it’s holding up really nicely. I like to use Paintbox Yarns in Simply DK for my dog sweaters because it’s a great weight for colourwork and warmth and it washes and wears really well. It’s also never bothered Nacho and really, that’s the most important thing!

It’s been fun walking him in this little outfit and while my matching hat pattern will be ready just barely in time for Halloween I’m going to release it for all the last minute Sallys like me anyway because there’s always next year – and matching with the pups is what it’s all about!

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