Just like the sweater, the “Dottie” scrunchie features playful dots and vibrant colors that will have you and your pup turning heads everywhere you go! 🐶🌟 Whether you’re strutting the streets or hiking the trails, this stylish scrunchie will keep your hair on point while your pup rocks their “Dottie” look in the most adorable way possible. 🌲💃

Embrace the fun and adventure of knitting these matching pieces, creating a bond that goes beyond the stitches. With every wear, you and your pup will be a fashion dream team that’s ready to conquer the world together! 🌏🐕 So, grab your needles and yarn, and let’s knit up a storm with the “Dottie” dog sweater and scrunchie – because twinning with your furry friend has never been so fabulous! 🌟🧵🐾

This pattern is available here:

Pattern Notes:
This quick to knit scrunchie is knit in the round with some simple stranded colourwork and then seamed up around a hair elastic. It was designed to match the Dottie Vest for dogs, so the polka dot pattern is identical to the one on the vest. Linked video tutorials of the entire process are included to help you along the way.

Long tail cast on, knitting in the round, two colour stranded colourwork, seaming.

One size. You can make the scrunchie larger and have more ‘scrunch’ to it by casting on more stitches or continuing for more rounds by adding an extra row of dots.

Suggested Yarn:
I knit these scrunchies in Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK specifically to match the Dottie Vest dog sweater. This is a fun scrappy project as you can use almost anything in your stash and you don’t need much of it.

This is an estimate, the final yardage will vary based on your yarn choice and tension
Contrast Colour, each*
Less than 35 yards is more than enough for one scrunchie.

Main Colour
Less than 70 yards is enough for one scrunchie.

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