Cheer for the Elves Ponytail Hat

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Pattern Notes:
This beginner friendly hat is knit bottom up, in the round with simple stitches and cute bobbles.

It features a ponytail hole at the top for your ponytail or bun to pop out. This is finished with a stretchy bind off.

Instructions are included for adding length.

Three video tutorials are included for jogless joins, chunky bobbles, and a stretchy bind off.

-long tail cast on
-knitting in the round
-jogless join

One size, 19” in circumference, 8” from ribbing to ponytail hole. There is a lot of stretch and will fit a head circumference of 23”. Instructions are included for adding length.

Main Colour:
120, (150, 190, 240), 280 yards
118, (137, 174, 220), 256 m

80, (105, 145, 175), 255 yards
73, (96, 132, 160), 233 m

40, (55, 70, 88), 110 yards
36, (50, 64, 80), 100 m

These are yardage estimates, the amount of yarn you use will depend on your tension, needles and yarn.

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