The Dottie Dog Vest & Matching Scrunchie!

These patterns have been tech edited and test knitted, and includes detailed videos on techniques specific to this design. They are available individually or together in the Dottie Ebook!

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Pattern Notes:
This sweater is knit top down, in the round, with some simple stranded colourwork. The armholes, and optional harness hole, are steeked in last. Cutting into your finished knitting is a little…unsettling to say the least, but not as daunting as you may think. Linked video tutorials of the steeking process are included and will help anyone who is a little nervous about this part of the pattern.

This quick to knit scrunchie is knit in the round with some simple stranded colourwork and then seamed up around a hair elastic. It was designed to match the Dottie Vest for dogs, so the polka dot pattern is identical to the one on the vest.

Long tail cast on, knitting in the round, purling, increasing, decreasing, two colour stranded colourwork, picking up stitches, steeking.

XXS, XS (S, M, L) XL, 2XL to fit chest measurements of:
11-13, 13-16 (16-20, 20-24, 24-28) 28-32, 32-36”
28-22, 33-41 (41-51, 51-61, 61-71) 71-81, 81-91 cm

This pattern has been designed to fit a wide range of sizes – and shapes! The sizes are based off the chest measurement, (taken at the largest part of the rib cage), and the armholes are customized to your dog when you steek them at the end.

Suggested Yarn:
I knit this vest in Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. I chose this for how breathable it is for warmer weather. Just enough for early morning and late night walks. Any cotton DK would be fine, and any DK should also work but may not be as practical for summer weather.

Yardage (vest):
This is an estimate, the final yardage will vary based on your yarn choice and tension
Contrast Colour, each
5, 7 (8, 10, 11) 13, 15 yards
4.5, 6.5 (7, 9, 10) 12, 14 metres
This is a rather generous estimation for the contrast colours.

Main Colour
83, 140 (250, 360, 520) 710, 920 yards
76, 128 (229, 330, 475) 650, 841 metres
You will need more if you choose to knit a longer back.

Yardage (scrunchie):
Contrast Colour, each*
Less than 35 yards is more than enough for one scrunchie.

Main Colour
Less than 70 yards is enough for one scrunchie.

Vest pattern includes videos on measuring, steeking and stranded colourwork.
Scrunchie pattern includes a vidoe on seaming.