Pastel Crochet Baby Blanket: Judy’s Blanket Full Pattern

Judy’s Baby Blanket is a small, cozy blanket ideal for babies and toddlers. It’s also perfect for lounging on the couch with a project in hand. This patchwork blanket is made up of three square designs, each done in a separate colour. It includes two squares designed exclusively for this blanket in yellow and teal, and a traditional four round granny square design in pastel pink.

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Craft: Crochet
Difficulty: Intermediate
Materials: Bernat Baby Coordinates in Lemon Custard, Soft Turquoise, Baby Pink and Lovely Lilac, tapestry needle, removable stitch markers
Techniques: Crocheting in the round, joining crochet squares
Gauge: 14 stitches and 7 rows of dc = 4 x 4 inches
Hook Size: 4.5mm
Sizes: One size (may be made with more or less squares to change size)
Finished Measurements: approx 40″ x 35″
Yardage: Total: 1,310 y / 1,120
CC1 – Yellow: 340 y / 311 m
CC2 – Teal: 360 y / 330 m
CC3 – Pink: 330 y / 302 m
CC4 – Purple: 280 y / 260 m
Includes: written instructions, photos

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ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
st – stitch
chsp – chain space
sp – space

slst – slip stitch
sk – skip
prev – previous
MC – main colour
CC – contrast colour

Please note: chains at beginning of round never count as a stitch, slst to first st of round at the end of every round. Do not turn work after completing a round unless instructions specify to.

Begin Pattern:

Yellow Square (make 16):

Work in CC1
Round 1: ch2, 6sc in first ch.
Round 2: ch3. (dc, ch1, dc) in each st around.
Round 3: ch3. (2dc in chsp, 2dc between dc, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in chsp. 2dc between dc, 2dc in chsp, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) between dc) x2.
Round 4: ch3. 6dc, (dc, ch2, dc) in chsp. (8dc, (dc, ch2, dc) in chsp) x3.
Round 5: turn work, 3slst, ch3, turn work.
Round 6: ((sk1, dc, dc in skipped st) x5, dc in chsp, ch2, dc in chsp) x4

Teal Square (make 16):

Work in CC2
Round 1: ch7, slst to first ch to form a ring. 12sc in ring.
Round 2: ch3. ((2dc in one st) x3, ch2) x4
Round 3: ch3. (6dc, 5dc in chsp) x4
Round 4: ch3. (7dc, ch2, sk1, dc. ch1, dc. ch2, sk1) x4
Round 5: ch3. (7sc, 2sc in chsp, sc in dc, (sc, ch1, sc) in chsp, sc in dc, 2sc in chsp) x4

Pink Square (make 16):

Work in CC3
Round 1: ch4, in first ch (3dc, ch2) x4.
Round 2: ch3, 3dc in prev chsp, ch2 ((3dc, ch2)
x2 in same chsp) x3. 3dc, ch2 in chsp.
Round 3: ch3, 3dc in prev chsp. ch2 (3dc in
chsp, ch2, (3dc, ch2) x2 in same chsp.) x3
Round 4: ch3, 3dc in prev chsp. ch2 ((3dc in
chsp, ch2) x2, (3ch, ch2) x2 in same chsp) x3
(3dc in chsp, ch2) x3.


Join using CC4.
Use diagram on page to organize squares.
Join using single crochet stitches.
The squares do not have the exact same
stitch counts around the border. Use these
instructions to make joining easy:
When attaching pink squares to yellow,
skip all ch stitches.
When attaching pink squares to teal, skip
all but two ch stitches.
When attaching yellow squares to teal,
skip 3 teal stitches in the middle, making
sure to keep one stitch between each.


In CC4:
Round 1: ch1, sc around edge of blanket.
Round 2: ch3, dc around. In corners, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in one st.
Round 3: ch3, dc around. In corner chsp, (2dc, ch2, 2dc).
Tie off and weave in all ends.