dog sweaters, socks and scrunchies

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
-Elizabeth Zimmermann revolves around knitting for dogs, and something matchy for their humans – plus interviews with fun and inspirational makers in the fiber arts community!

After 13 years of food blogging, and 19 years of knitting, I started designing dog sweaters in early 2020 so I could match my dog Nacho!

Creating this website is an ongoing work in progress where I can share my designs – fun dog sweaters and cute matchy accessories to wear with them – and to highlight other makers in the fiber arts community and the neat projects they’re up to!

The Dottie Vest and Matching Scrunchie!

You can find all of my available patterns right here in the pattern section of my website. Every time I release a new pattern on Ravelry, it is also available here (and in my Etsy Shop, on LoveCrafts and via Payhip as well)!

All of my patterns include detailed instructions and video tutorials, and many of those tutorials are available here in the tutorials section.

They are sorted into videos that help knitters with specific patterns, (and then further sorted by pattern), specific stitches and techniques and full start to finish tutorials to help you go from yarn to a finished garment you (or your dog) can wear!

The fiber arts community is such a big part of learning to knit and being inspired every day by other knitters and makers. You’ll find fun interviews in the Makers section, from yarn dyers, designers, notions makers and others in the fiber arts community!

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